"The Passion for sports, the dedication for our work and the incessant search for success, are the main characteristics found in our DNA"

Founded in 2012, Five Company Sports Group currently represents hundreds of athletes around the world. A company that was initially created to serve the Futsal market reaching a huge and sudden success. It expanded to new modalities from 2017, when Baseball was inserted in the company's portfolio. The first two months of work have already resulted in the first trading in Baseball where so far the company adds more than 1 million reais in contracts obtained from MLB clubs, the US baseball league and the main league in the world.


The success achieved in negotiations with major sports clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint German, Benfica, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, among others, led Five Company Sports Group to enter new paths. Thus, the sectors of Basketball, Handball, Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball were added in our company.


Our passion for sport, our dedication to our work and our unceasing pursuit of success are the key features found in our DNA that have made Five Company Sports Group a benchmark company in the global athlete representation and representation market.

Gabriel Napoli
Founder and President
Renata Napoli
Marketing Director
Isaac Rios
Relationship Director
Felipe Napoli
Executive Director
Samuel Costa
Media Director
Fábio Martins
Diretor de Voleibol